Thursday, September 14, 2017

Four Strikes

Marilyn Burns in highlighting the importance of games in math instruction suggested Four Strikes and You’re Out.
Students try to guess digits 0-9 to fill in the missing spaces of a two digit number sentence. The student either has a hit - digit is in number sentence - or a strike. The creator of the number sentence can only use each digit once which leaves us four digits left - four strikes.
I adapted Marilyn Burns game to utilize Google Sheets with the intent of it being displayed with a projector or large screen. I used conditional formatting so when the correct digit was put in the number sentence the background would change to white with black text. The incorrect digit would leave the background black. I also used conditional formatting on the digits 0-9 so a hit would be bolded green text on black background, and a strike would be red with strikethrough on a red background. I included 5 Four Strikes examples.
The idea is this could be a quick, fun, math activity you could do in a pinch. The spreadsheet could be displayed for the entire class to observe with students taking turns choosing digits. This activity could be expanded with students playing the game with a partner.

In both the spreadsheet and drawing I opted to have 0 at the end. This was mainly in the spreadsheet I wanted the numbers to line up with the cell rows.

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