Sunday, September 24, 2017

Number Racks, Whaaat!

Bridges in Mathmatics is a math curriculum for early elementary which focuses on, hands on - minds on learning. They have an online component with a variety of helpful math tools at Number Rack is one of those tools which can be used for teacher modeling or students solving math problems on their Chromebook or tablet.

Teachers using Bridges in Mathmatics typically create a number rack for each student using thick cardboard, string, and beads. Students use their number racks for a variety of activities that develop number sense.

One such activity is a teacher displaying number arrangments on a ten frame and then students use the red beads to construct it on their number rack. I wanted to take that concept to create Slides that could be displayed on a computer screen or projector. 

The activity is designed so the first click displays the number rack number, which upon a click fades to the Think! slide. After students have had an opportunity to create the bead arrangment - red beads in each row - another click displays number rack number so students can check their work. The last click displays a positive group compliment (eye candy).

I created two sets; Number Rack 0-5 and Number Rack 6-10 which give students plenty of exposure with seeing bead arrangments and then constructing it on their own number racks. You are free to customize these slides as your math focus changes.

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