Monday, September 11, 2017

SPLAT! - Fun Whole Class Math Game

SPLAT! is a Powerpoint based math game designed by Steve Wyborney

The general idea is a group of dots are on the screen and then SPLAT! happens. Some of the dots are outside the SPLAT and some are underneath it. The goal is for the students to determine the number of dots under the SPLAT and explain their reasoning for why they think so.

The first set of SPLAT is for numbers 3-10, and then it gets more complex as you progress through higher levels. For example two same colored SPLATs mean there are the same number of dots under each SPLAT, different colored SPLATs mean their are different numbers under each color. Steve Wyborney has even included SPLAT focused entirely on fractions.

I adapted Steve Wyborney's Level 1 SPLAT to be Google Slides friendly, mainly with larger dots and added animation.

The general logic of the animation is click 1, dots appear, click 2 number appears, click 3 SPLAT! appears, click 4 SPLAT! fades so all dots appear.  

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