Monday, September 4, 2017

YouTube Audio Library

While its common knowledge that YouTube's video editor is shutting down this month, the YouTube Audio Library, as well as enhancements, are staying put. The Audio Library tends to be forgotten as a resource but it has a nice collection of music and sound effects in which you retain monetization rights.

Why is this important? If you upload a popular song as background music that you don't own the rights too, YouTube may let you keep the video up but you will lose monetization rights. Monetization rights are important if you want ads or if you'd like your video to remain ad free. The ads chosen by Warner Music might not be appropriate for a video with students.

All of the music and sound clips in the Audio Library allow you to keep monetization rights. Some music requires you to display author and song information in your video description (CC License), but you keep all monetization rights.

This is really useful for student created videos which will later be uploaded to YouTube. These typically are videos one would like to remain ad free. As a teacher you don't need to worry about questional ads on student created videos and its a valuable lesson about copyright.

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