Monday, October 30, 2017

Fill the 5 Frame

In the Bridges Mathematics lesson the teacher would hold up 5 Frame cards with two colored unifix cubes. Initially the discussion, as you were going through the cards, is how many cubes were blue, how many red, how many all together?

Eventually, students would get their own 5 Frame and cubes. As the teacher displays the 5 Frames the students need to recreate the arrangement on their 5 Frames.

red cube.pngred cube.pngred cube.pngred cube.pngred cube.pngThe Google Slide allows the lesson to be displayed on a large TV rather than teacher holding cards individually. As you go through the slides, you can ask similar questions as the Bridges Mathematics lesson about color and arrangement. If needed you can add slides.

The Google Drawing is designed for students to Fill a Five Frame on their Chromebook. If students are on a Chromebook a personal copy will be created, located in their Google Drive or Classroom. In this activity they drag red and green cubes to the 5 Frame to make different arrangements of 5.

Google Sheets utilizes conditional formatting in which students insert 1, 2, or 3 to make two colored 5 Frames. Students can also complete a number sentence for each 5 Frame. Additional tabs can be created so each student has a tab.

The Google Document is a two page template with Five Frames that can be printed out. A student could work on this individually or with a partner with two colored crayons. It could be a collaborative game in which each student has a color in which they take turns to fill in 1 or 2 frames.

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