Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pumpkin GAfE Activities

 While there are some good slideshow Jack O Lantern activities, Google Sheets allows embedding of Google Drawings and data collection. Another big advantage is ability to create a tab for each student within one spreadsheet.

Make a Jack O Lantern allows students to use Google Drawings to make a Jack O Lantern with shapes. On the spreadsheet itself student can insert the number of triangles, squares, and circles used to make their Jack O Lantern. There is also a tab where a graph is created from data inserted into spreadsheet. A big advantage of a spreadsheet is for students to see a graph as soon as data is inputed.

Pumpkin Life Cycle is a Google Drawing in which students can drag pumpkin stages onto the life cycle. Typically, this activity would take the form of cut and paste, but with Google Drawing students can drag photos of stages onto the drawing. This would be a great activity to display on a large screen after viewing a Pumpkin Life Cycle video from YouTube. 

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