Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tally Man

A math activity from the Bridges Mathematics Curriculum for Kindergarten is developing number sense with tally marks.

The goal is for students to begin seeing groups of 5 when counting popsicle sticks. Students briefly see a card with tally marks and then they reproduce it on their mats with popsicle sticks.

I adapted this lesson with Google Slides and Google Documents.

Rather than using a document camera and zooming the cards, the slideshow can be used to display a variety of tally marks up to 20. In between slides, while students are reproducing tally marks, have a 30 second clip of the Banana Boat song. If needed you can go back to the previous slide to check if tally marks were reproduced correctly.

The Google Document is designed to be printed out. One page is students reading tally marks and writing down number of tally marks, and the other page is creating tally marks for teen numbers.

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