Thursday, November 16, 2017

Five Ways to Communicate Ideas with Book Creator for Chrome

Book Creator for Chrome was recently updated or so says the grapevine. The one feature that I am most excited about is Speech to Text.

This video goes through the five ways students can communicate their ideas in Book creator. 

1. Import Image - You can  import an image from your device, Google Drive, or  Google safe search.

2. Camera - You can use the webcam to take a selfie or short video clip. I would limit videos to 5 seconds or less. 

3. Pen - You can use the pen to write on the screen or draw a picture.

4. Insert Text - You can type text into your book with a wealth of formatting options. Now a student can click on the microphone and get their speech transcribed on the spot.

5. Recording - On any page you can narrate the text, photo, or drawing.

Book Creator, especially with the addition of speech to text, is an essential tool for any GAfE based classroom.