Sunday, November 5, 2017

GAfE Based Number Corner

Number Corner is part of the Bridges Mathmatics curriculum in which there is a large calendar with patterns emerging throughout the month. Another activity is Days of School which are tallied and used to create number sentences.

This Google Sheet is an adaptation of that classroom activity designed to be projected onto a large TV screen for whole class viewing.  

An aspect of the calendar in Number Corner is multiple levels of patterns emerging throughout the month. There is a strong emphasis, prior to displaying the date, of what comes next within a particular pattern.

In the Google Sheet I used conditional formatting to carry out this pattern prediction. As the date is inserted into cell the pattern whole, half, quarter is displayed with a circle, square, and triangle. They are white so they don't appear until date is inserted. Also there is a color pattern that emerges in which doubles are the same color. For example, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 are all red. Students most likely will not notice these patterns until about the middle of the month.

In Number Corner with Graph version there are data tables on the right of the calendar and graphs below. As the month progresses the class will collect data on how many shapes such triangles, squares, and circles, and how many of each fraction type. As the data in the tables change so will the graphs below the calendar.

The Days in School are tallied with alternating blue and red for groups of ten. Each day a new cell can be filled in for days in school. The number line is a Google Drawing in which one can use drawing tools to solve the number sentence. The text box can be used to model the number or create number sentences that equal days in school. 

While the Google Sheet was not designed to replicate the classroom Number Corner, it does aim to reinforce the goal of pattern recognition and prediction. 

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