Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hide Zero to Focus on Place Value

Hide Zero is a 1st /2nd Grade math activity with different colored cards to focus on place value. We have the number 13 but we can also say it the ten way, 1Ten 3 or 1 ten 3 ones.

The particular lesson had small plastic pieces to model the place value which proved difficult for a whole class presentation. I quickly made a slideshow so this could be modeled on a large screen TV. This Google Slide is displayed below.

Afterwords I tinkered a little more and updated the Hide Zero Google Slide. The Google Slide focuses on teen numbers going up to 20. The first slide demonstrates the language of "what number" and "say the ten way". The goal is to reinforce place value.

I also wanted to create a Google Document for the activity. One thing I wanted to experiment with is using an animated gif as a model. The Hide Zero Google Document uses an animation for numbers 11-15 in which students will use an embedded Google Drawing to complete the number sentence.

As the Chromebook becomes more of the new paper or slate, animation can become a useful way to model and liven up a Google Document.

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