Sunday, November 26, 2017

Math Games Created with Google Sheets

With the dice in mind from the earlier post, I looked for some card and dice games which could be sent through the Gafenator.

The dice are refreshed whenever you input data in a cell or when the tab is refreshed. 
I tried to keep the math games partner based as much as possible. Students could share a Chromebook or play the game with a shared document, with editing rights, on their own Chromebooks.

The Google Sheet includes five math games; Go Ten, Partner 5, Subtraction War, Race to 50, Closest to 100, and 101 or Out.

I would see this as a template of sorts not a document you'd share directly with students. There is an option on each tab (game) to copy to another spreadsheet. I would then create a tab (duplicate) for each partner group so I would not have 10 different Google Sheets. Students could then find their colored tab and complete their activity.

Additionally, with the dice from the earlier post in mind, you may want to tinker with the randbetween formula for a particular game. For example Go Ten could be changed to a Go 5, 7, 9 by simply limiting the formula.

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