Saturday, March 9, 2019

Anatomy of a Video Meme

I recently began using the quotes from to create short video memes. I was asked to explain how I created them, so this is my attempt at that. I use Filmora a Wondershare video editor to make the memes. The video memes begin with a photo or short video with animated text which last roughly 60 seconds. 

On a recent walk with some students I noticed the Spark a Dream Bucky at the Dream Bank which I did not remember seeing during the summer. I decided this would be a good back drop for a registry quote, 
You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.  Abraham Lincoln
 I decided I wanted the video to begin at the bottom by the feet and pan up to end at Bucky's head.  So here was my process.

Crop and ZoomI chose the square 1 to 1 ratio, Instagram version. I began the pan at the bottom by the feet and ended at the top by the head. The video would then slowly pan upwards through out the quote. 

Text - Doodle Pack was free from Wondershare awhile back and it has become my favorite for these video memes. For this video I chose Doodle Pack Lower Third. I enlarged the words grow and tall. Green for growth, and red, yellow, blue for tall. I chose text animation "up insert". This effect gave a sense of growing as the text moved up the photo.

Overlay and Filter - I chose Cinematic Flares 2 overlay and Aegean filter which together I thought gave a nice effect to the video. More art than science here.

Music - Low Tree Shaal Region. This was a music track included with Filmora. Again it just felt right with the video meme.

Well that is the rundown and here is the video meme.

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