GAfE - Science

Currently I have two interactive life cycles created with Google Drawings. I have a Butterfly Life Cycle and the Pumpkin Life Cycle. The life cycles can be used to complement or replace traditional cut and paste activities.

Keva blocks are often used in maker spaces.  Keva Man is a Google Slide that is similar to Tally Man but with Keva blocks. I also created several Google Drawings that students can use to plan their Keva constructions. 

Animal Magnetism utilizes a Google Slide with a Google Form. Animal Magnetism is an example of how Google Slides can be used for a mini research project. My goal was to have interactivity yet not sending students to outside resources.

The Weather Report uses Google Sheets, Google Drawings, and Google Documents for weather data collection, organization, and representation. The spreadsheet uses conditional formatting in which color and shading changes depending on weather data. Google Sheets offers students a great way to collect real life data and see it visualized in real time.

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